Saturday, May 13, 2017

Bill Nye peddles his "Junk" Science

Bill Nye the Clown Prince of Scientism and Secular Humanism has an entire show about how "science" can save us  ... from our antiquated sexual mores among other things.  Watch if you dare but prepare to be offended by almost everything that is said and done.  It says something that this man was the headliner for the recent "March for Science."  I agree with one thing in this video:  It certainly is junk, with regards to science, morality, or just good taste. 
I hope that even the NCSE can manage to be embarrassed by this 'robust display of vulgarity' from one of the apostles of "science literacy."  This is how Bill Nye (and the progressive scientism he is advocating) intends to "save the world."

Note: By "creationism" Bill truly means anything teleological that doesn't reduce us to being insignificant "specks" in a universe that exists as a value-free junkyard of cosmic debris:  
Irony meter: Bill wants us to stop embarrassing ourselves and subjecting children to harmful ideas.

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