What is a Secular Creationist?

I remember coming across the phrase in the aftermath of the Altenberg 16, amalgamating fears of a pseudoscientific Dark Age with fears of a conservative American theocracy.  David Sloane Wilson used the term to criticize Jerry Fodor for taking a swipe at neo-Darwinian theory.  The phrase "secular creationist" is a term of ridicule for those who either share too many unacceptable sensibilities with "creationists" or who say things that could too easily be used to discredit the methodological materialism underlying modern evolutionary theory.

I think the term "secular creationist" displays perfectly the knee-jerk hysteria that wants all critics dismissed as ideologically driven religionists, that fears any bone being thrown to people that are so unenlightened and ignorant to believe in such silly things as God and miracles.  A hysteria that refuses to see its own prior metaphysical commitments. 

The urge to discredit even irreligious Darwin skeptics and Darwin critics with a term that "only does emotive work" of connoting fanaticism speaks volumes.

To me, a secular creationist is anyone that has the temerity to take seriously an argument against neo-Darwinism or an argument for evolutionary biology being terribly incomplete, regardless of the role that religion does or doesn't play in his prior metaphysical commitments.
One of the things I dislike most about neo-Darwinism is that it has taught people to be satisfied with not understanding the world.

I think the term "secular creationist" has some ironic value, not just of the "Yankee Doodle" variety, but in that anyone who dares to question neo-Darwinian orthodoxy, dares to think outside the box in terms of biology, dares to question biological dogmas based on non-religious principles, or even dares to recognize some profound mysteries in biology, is a sort of rebel and heretic and deserving of as paradoxical and fun an epithet as "secular creationist."  There are many secular creationists out there.  We are everywhere.

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