No I don't know Latin ...

...not beyond a handful of well-known phrases anyway.  But hey, I think it sounds more cool in Latin.

Don't fall for false parsimony. . . "Simplifying" your reality with an infinite number of universes, with 6 extra dimensions, 23 extra cosmological constants, or 10^69 unknown serendipitous events is not really simplicity.  You've made Occam slit himself with the razor in your quest to make the world safe for materialism (and/or safe from mysticism).  It's not simplicity; it's not elegance.

... and avoid false dichotomy.   It's not simply a choice between neo-Darwinian selectionism and Biblical literalism.  It's not simply a choice between undirected evolution and "anti-science."  It's not simply a choice between scientific progress and a lack of commitment to methodological naturalism.  And it doesn't come down to one single definition of information.

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