Thursday, September 5, 2013

Another blogger's thoughts on the _ev_ program

I forget whether I had already logged godandscience's thought-provoking article:

I also thought Dembski's point about ev's handling of the equality condition seemed relatively weak, but I've had some other thoughts on that since.  I have since had the feeling that the treatment of ev was a late decision in the development of Dembski's book, and he had the choice of either quickly shoehorning something about it into his book or deal with the postings that the book was sadly behind the times since there exist papers in which simulations are purported to create information.

Like the mound of papers theatrically stacked in front of Behe in Judge Jones' courtroom, there are constant allegations of refutations and counterexamples.

I'm less sure that ev demonstrates something real about the biological world, though the more I've thought about the less sure I am what exactly it does demonstrate.  (I think I know what Schneider was attempting to simulate, but that is a different question ultimately from what was actually demonstrated.)

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