Friday, September 27, 2013


NaturalSelectionDidIt is one of the masterstrokes and trump-cards that Darwinists or other neo-positivists have at their disposal when debating points with skeptics (who they call "deniers") and ID proponents.  It proposes that anything is and was possible because of the omnipotence of natural selection - specifically the ability to bend the laws of time, logic, and physics.  This means that arguments that focus on the feasibility of the de novo ability of microevolution to bring about macroevolution -- the development of complicated body plans or to change an artiodactyl ("no more amphibious than a tapir") into a highly adapted marine mammal -- can be swept away and ignored.

The concept of NaturalSelectionDidIt can be used to create unfalsifiable* theories. A neo-Darwinist need never doubt the creative power of chance and selection because Natural Selection could have made anything that was made.  (What is the proof that Natural Selection can do it? -- why, the fact that it was done!)  It may also be used as a euphemism to indicate something that cannot be explained in terms of natural laws, most likely due to having no idea how evolution works anyway.)

This was inspired by the Goddidit entry at RationalWiki.  :-)

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