Sunday, September 1, 2013

Gerald Schroeder and Nathan Aviezer

So I googled Mark Perakh (as I recall) to see what images Google would provide (might as well put a face to the name) and Google helpfully proffered faces for various other people that googlers of Perakh also liked to google.

Two names:  Gerald Schroeder and Nathan Aviezer.  I don't recall ever hearing of these men before.
I think in general that the Darwin lobby does not like to put a Jewish face to the Intelligent Design community.  It spoils the Fundamentalist Theocracy narrative they've been peddling for over ten years now.  I think some people don't like to point out the common interests among Judaeo-Christian culture or the fact that in this country , Christians and Jews are far form being at odds.  Uninterested in the association of David Klinghoffer and Michael Medved with the Discovery Instute (and Klinghoffer's direct relation to the CSC), they focus on (if they focus on him at all) David Berlinski, who is more of a secular agnostic.  This is still troubling to many, because Berlinki seems to be an ID skeptic, which starts people wondering why the Big Tent is big enough for him.  I think they prefer to dismiss him as the token agnostic, than deal with the fact that he defends ID at least to the point that he thinks it raises legitimate points and deserves a kiosk in the marketplace of scientific ideas.

So it is intriguing that there might be, both in America and Israel, a significant Jewish (probably not in Reform Judaism) following for ID ideas.

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